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Meet Our Advocacy Team

Jaelin Palmer

Jaelin Palmer

Advocacy Director

Hello fellow Spoonies! My name is Jaelin and I have CRPS and Trigeminal Neuralgia. Since I have been dealing with my chronic diseases for nearly 10 years, I have come to truly appreciate the online community that has brought me so much support through the most difficult times in my life. That's why I am excited to be leading the Advocacy Team for Fight Like A Warrior! Being young, sick and in pain can seem foreign and rare to some, but is a reality for far too many of us. I am passionate about working on public awareness campaigns and institutional policy changes to create real shifts that will make meaningful differences in our warriors' lives.

When I'm not working for FLAW, you can find me reading a good book, crafting/painting, working on my Instagram account (@jaelinpalmer) or belting to Broadway show tunes with my sister. I recently graduated with a degree in Public Policy and hope to work in the political sphere.

Valerie Glass

Advocacy Communications Manager

Hello! My name is Valerie and I am the Communications Manager for the FLAW Advocacy Team! I was diagnosed with Lupus and Dysautonomia in 2019, but have been battling with various physical and mental health complications for many years now. With that said, I am passionate about helping people better understand the reality of chronic and mental illness that so many of us have unfortunately experienced in silence because it is so misunderstood.


I recently moved from Georgia to California, so when I am not working one of my many jobs you can find me FaceTiming my friends, writing a book I am working on, scrolling through Instagram (@_valglass), or just soaking up the West Coast while determining what's next for me!

Valerie Glass
Savannah Cooper

Savannah Cooper

Advocacy Awareness Coordinator

Hi! My name is Savannah Cooper and I am the Awareness Coordinator for Fight Like A Warrior. I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Tethered Cord Syndrome at 7 years old. For the last 5 1/2 years I have struggled with chronic kidney infections and other undiagnosed health complications.


I founded my own non-profit, SavSTRONG, and have found a passion in advocating for patients and families. I am a dancer, singer, and actress and will be pursuing my dreams by attending Baldwin Wallace University and majoring in Musical Theatre. I love F.L.A.W and all of my fellow warriors. Here’s to changing the world!

Akii Ngo

Global Advocacy Manager

Hi y’all! I’m Akii and my role at FLAW focuses on advocacy projects around the globe - particularly Australia (where I’m from!), Europe & the U.S. I have POTs, hEDS, spinal stenosis, interstitial cystitis, vulvadynia, chronic migraine, MCAD & bilateral TOS. I was also born with Necrotising Enterocolitis & have been sick my entire life. This has made me really passionate about advocacy & making a difference for both mental & physical illnesses (visible or not). I’m a passionate diversity (body positivity, cultural & disability) activist + intersectional feminist. I love to travel and go on adventures, despite my chronic pain & disabilities (@adventuress.akii).


I’m a health promotion practitioner, Masters of Social Work student, part time model, dog sitter (call me crazy dog lady!) & I absolutely love spending time my two furkids (@minidoxieduo), eating & cooking. I am very happy to be part of FLAW team & look forward getting to know you all!

Akii Ngo
Julia Heilrayne

Julia Heilrayne

Media, Research, and Policy Reporter

Hi y’all! My name is Julia Heilrayne, I am from Austin, Texas, and I am the Media, Research and Policy Reporter here at Fight Like a Warrior! I have been dealing with various physical and mental health issues since I was a baby, and I am proud to be an advocate for disability rights! 


I am studying to become a nurse, and it is my goal to eventually work with pediatric patients in either a hospital setting, or in a home care setting for medically complex children. I am very involved in all kinds of political issues, including gun violence, women’s rights, and healthcare access. I also love to travel, write, and bake. I am pumped to be apart of FLAW, and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring! 

Patty Alcala

Patient Advocacy Manager

Hello all of you amazing people! Unlike the majority of you, I have not been diagnosed with a chronic disease. The reason that I do what I do is to honor my son's life. He had several challenging diagnoses and fought every day to live his best life.

I am a retired Physician Assistant and have been in the medical field for my entire adult life. Now it is my privilege to work on my nonprofit for children with chronic and complicated medical issues and their families.


I love to write, travel and research anything medical.

This is such an amazing opportunity for me and I can't wait to get to know all of you and help to change some lives!

Patty Alcala
Ní Ghallachóir

Mary Ní Ghallachóir

Awareness Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Mary and I am a nineteen year old spoonie from Ireland. I was diagnosed with multiple disc herniations in my lumbar spine at the age of thirteen, and as a result have been left with a damaged spinal chord and have had to learn to walk again three times! I am also fighting Anorexia Nervosa and as a result am very passionate about ending the stigma around mental health issues and also advocating for chronic pain awareness!

I am a massive musical theatre nerd and never let my condition stop me from doing what I love as I brace the stage of Northern Ireland's biggest theatre every summer in their Professional Youth Production! I am currently in college studying pre-nursing and am loving every minute of it! I can't wait to be working out there as a qualified nurse and be able to help lots of physically and mentally ill teenagers with compassion and care, to feel like I am giving back to all of those who have helped me along my journey