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Positive Posts

Week Of February 17,2019
You are Strong!
By Jenna Ciancimino

“The strongest people are those who fight unseen battles” - Unknown

Everyday we fight battles, both that are seen and unseen. The battles that are overlooked though are those that are unseen. People do not even know that others are going through certain battles because they are so hidden. To someone, the concealed battle you are fighting with may make them think that you are not going through anything. This can be frustrating, upsetting, and discouraging. You may feel alone, like no one understands because it is an unseen battle. You are not alone, and never put yourself down because people cannot understand the battle that you are going through. Stay strong because you deserve it! This week, during that moment when you feel weakest because someone does not understand the unseen battle you are fighting, stay strong. Never forget that you are one of the strongest people to have ever step foot on this earth. You are strong and NEVER forget that!!!


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