An Open Letter to a Stranger; I am Grateful, but I am Sick.

To the lady who suggested I walk by the nursing home so that I can compare the people to me and see how grateful I should be:

You had just met me...You don’t know what I have gone through.

Did you know that I have almost lost my life multiple times?

That I used to be a ballroom dancer until my life was turned upside down 6 years ago?

That I have had 3 PICC lines that have saved my life, 2 ports, a surgical catheter and I am attached to an IV pole for a couple hours every day?

That the hospital is my second home, my doctors are my friends and I take 40 pills a day?

You had just met me minutes prior, didn’t know anything about me but automatically assumed I wasn’t grateful.

I am; I am grateful for my fight, for all the friends I have met because of my illnesses, for my life, for my medical aids and medications that keep me alive, for my doctors.

I AM grateful, but I am also still sick.

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