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Blog Contributor

The best part about our site is that it is created for warriors, by warriors and our blog is a really important component of that mission! 


We are looking for people who want to share new perspectives on illness, relatable real content, and positives perspectives that help us achieve our goal of spreading hope! 


Examples of blog posts we are looking for include topics such as: "spoonie" hacks, coping with a new diagnosis, 10 tips to deal with chronic pain, support systems, and more!


Examples of blog posts we are not looking for include: your entire medical story (instead try picking a significant moment and elaborate on its importance), negative content (not everyday is wonderful and relatable content is encouraged, but try to put everything in perspective and offer a positive spin), posts with revealing information about yourself or others (we want to respect everyone's privacy!)


We want your creativity to shine so please do not limit yourself! If you have a question concerning appropriate content before you draft your post, please reach out to us using the button below!


If you have a post you are ready to share, use the form below to send us an email with your blog or email it directly to shannanoha.fightlikeawarrior@gmail.com! Include your own image (recommended) with your post by attaching it to your email! If you use the form below, we will be in touch with you to get your image. 


Happy Blogging:)

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