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What is the purpose of the blog? 


Fight Like A Warrior’s mission is to unite, empower, and advocate for those battling chronic health conditions. Our blog helps us as we work toward our mission by helping us elevate the voices of our community. We work to foster a space for vulnerability, positivity, connection, and support. 


The aim of our blog is not to advise or criticize any treatments or other practices to manage health conditions. We are not medical professionals and never intend to offer medical advice. Our blog should be a safe place for our community to share their personal experiences and perspectives. 


Can I pitch an idea? 


Absolutely! Whether you are a warrior yourself, caretaker, medical professional, advocate, family member, friend, or just a passionate individual - we want to hear from YOU!  Please feel free to pitch any ideas you might have by sending an email to our Co-Blog Managers at: or We want to represent the voices of everyone in our community! 


Do I have to be an experienced writer? 


No! You don’t have to have any writing experience to add your voice to our platform!. Our blog manager is available to help guide you and provide as much or as little support as you want or need as you share your voice. 


How long should my post be?


We don’t have a set word limit, but please try to limit yourself to 900 words. 


How should my post be submitted?


Please submit your post using the form below. If you would like links to your social media or website included at the end of the post, please include them at the end of your post.


What if I am under 18?


If you are under 18, please get a parent or guardian's permission before submitting a post to our blog. 

What should I write about? 

Check out some of the ideas and prompts here!

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