Warrior of the Month 

Our Warrior of the Month Program aims to recognize the bravery and strength of anyone in our community fighting a health battle. One warrior is showcased each month and their story is published right here on our site, as well as shared on our social channels. Nominate yourself or a warrior you know to be featured! 

September 2020: Faith

Our September Warrior of the Month is Faith!! 


Faith was nominated by her friend Emmy who says that Faith fights so hard everyday and still puts in the effort and energy to show others that they are loved and seen. Faith says that she clearly remembers the day her life changed forever which was the day after she turned 15. Now 4 years later, she says her life looks like nothing she ever would’ve imagined. Faith has Gastroparesis and Intestinal Dysmotility which has put her on TPN and then Mast Cell Activation Syndrome sealed that deal. All but two foods put her into anaphylaxis. TPN stands for Total parenteral nutrition. TPN provides patients with all the nutrients they need and bypasses the gastrointestinal tract. Faith is also diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is an illness that makes her joints very unstable and causes another of her diagnoses - Cervical instability. This instability in her spine makes her unable to walk without wearing a neck brace. Faith is super thankful for having access to her feeding tube, oxygen concentrator, PICC line, wheelchair, and her braces that keep her alive. She spends most of her days in bed right now, but says there’s so much hope on the horizon!! She says God has answered many of her prayers in extraordinary ways, especially this year. She’s on the path towards healing and won’t stop fighting till she gets there! Faith’s instagram account is @wildflowers.in.her.hair where she inspires so many people. She’s even an Aerie ambassador!! You should definitely give her a follow!

August 2020: Olivia

Our August Warrior of the Month is Olivia!! 


Olivia is a 14 year old CRPS warrior along with a few other medical conditions. Despite having these conditions though, Olivia is positive, hard working, strong and her friend Avery says she will always go out of her way to cheer her up and the other patients of their Pediatric Pain Rehab group. Olivia puts others before herself to check up on everyone and make sure they are doing well mentally and physically. Avery says that Olivia is also always there to give the best pep talks when a member of the group might need one! Olivia works hard every day to make sure she’s doing everything that she can for her body but also does her best to continue with typical activities. She doesn’t let her pain stop her. Olivia always has a smile on her face even when most people probably couldn’t. She is super strong and positive!

July 2020: Shelbi

Our Warrior of the Month for July is Shelbi!


Shelbi suffered Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) in November 2019 and has had four surgeries since with the fourth as recent as June 29th. CES occurs when the nerve roots at the base of your spine are compressed and disrupt motor and sensory function to parts of your body like your bladder or legs. Due to the CES, Shelbi was diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) type 2. This causes her to be in constant pain in her foot, calf, knee and recently it has spread to her left hand and wrist as well. 

Shelbi has been fighting without being able to spend time with her nieces and nephews who light up her world because of COVID-19 and quarantine requirements for surgeries. Despite all of this, she has made masks and donated them to people who have needed them. According to her husband, Freddy, she has never once asked for sympathy or felt bad for herself. He says she always faces problems head on and never gives up. He has seen her cry, wipe her own tears, then get back to researching her own condition and ways to heal. She is determined to continue fighting and find ways to control her CRPS and is truly the definition of a warrior!

June 2020: Sammy

Our June Warrior of the Month is Sammy! Sammy is 23 years old and currently fighting many chronic illnesses. These include dysautonomia, POTS, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, IBS, chronic migraines, slipped disc, chronic nausea, and ongoing tests for further symptoms. She suffers from palpitations, heart disturbances, high blood pressure, migraines, dizziness, brain fog, and fatigue just to name a few symptoms. She also recently got out of the hospital due to some slipped discs and is now recovering from home.

Sammy started to get sick only 3 years ago. It simply began with palpitations and a fast heart rate which has since never settled despite the various medications she is living on to treat this. It caused her chest pain at the beginning and lead her to make a routine trip to see her general practitioner. This gradually transitioned into a bigger problem as they found out that the underlying cause was her entire Autonomic nervous system. Your Autonomic Nervous System is the nerves that send signals throughout your entire body to do anything that your body should be doing automatically such as your breathing, regulating your heart rate and blood pressure, digestion, urination, etc. It can cause a whole world of disability symptoms.

After being under more than 10 different hospitals, various specialists, traveling across the country to seek help, and having had several tests, Sammy says she now has some validation of the conditions she has and has somewhat of a treatment plan in place.

Although these conditions can be life-changing, she always tries to remember that she is much more than the diagnoses she has. She is a loving wife, a daughter, a sister, and a dog mom. She is trying her hardest to remind all of those who are battling an invisible illness to not forget who we truly are as individuals through her social media platform. Her goal is to make those voices heard and make these "invisible illnesses" a little less invisible along the way.

Sammy recently started a challenge on Instagram called 'there is more to me'.  She started this because as amazing as different chronic illness pages are to be able to relate, reach out, and educate others, she feels that sometimes it can be a world of medications, more hospital talk, bad days, and flare-ups. Although this is all such a huge part of our lives she felt that what was missing was some positivity and people could be giving our illnesses way too much power over ourselves, herself included. She felt that we were missing everyone's desires, hobbies, and all of the amazing things we fight for in the first place. She was overwhelmed by the response she received and it lit up Instagram feeds with positive photos. Sammy says, "Suddenly we stopped being that sick friend, or that person in a wheelchair, just for a little while we were just ourselves, living our lives with a chronic illness not trapped inside the diagnosis we have labeled with and that's all I could have ever asked for".

Having lived on both sides of the story of being both healthy and sick. Sammy thinks that in some ways she believes it has made it harder for her to accept her new ways of life. However,  she says that one day it all hits you and you realize there's no point in fighting the things which are there to make your life more manageable such as help, mobility aids, and medications. Some advice Sammy has is to know the importance of self-advocating! She also believes it is important to educate yourself in all aspects of your condition to help with this fight of self-advocacy.

Sammy says, “To be totally honest with you all, I don't believe in regrets and I sure don't believe in wishing away the one precious life we have all been given. Sure I have lost some people along the way and sure it's felt impossible at times but I can honestly say that I wouldn't change a moment on this earth so far because as hard as the last few years have been, I have found strength that I never knew I had, I have been shown more love than I ever thought was possible, and I have adapted my life more than I ever imagined I could. You still need to dream and you still have to wish, just don't forget that it's ok for the picture you had for your life to change a little along the way. You can make a beautiful life for yourself whatever it may take. Just remember that you are not your illness, you just have one".

You can follow Sammy's journey and join her movement through her Instagram page @sammysdysautonomiajourney.

May 2020: Skylar

Skyler is a warrior who is currently fighting many chronic illnesses including POTS, EDS, Fibromyalgia, and convulsive syncope with a possibility of MCAS and Craniocervical instability (CCI). Skyler was born premature at 24 weeks gestation. They were less than a pound, only 8 inches long, and not suspected to survive. However, Skyler came out fighting and hasn’t stopped fighting since then. As a baby they had to have eye surgery to reattach their retinas and spent years going to physical and occupational therapy. Despite being so premature, Skyler was only left with some weakness on the right side of their body and is legally blind. Skyler excelled in school, was well liked by all their teachers, and was always awarded the principal’s honor roll. However in October of 2010, everything changed. Skyler developed mononucleosis and hasn’t been the same since. Shortly after their battle with mono, Skyler began to experience many symptoms including lightheadedness, chronic nausea, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal issues, and other seemingly unrelated symptoms. Not long after developing those symptoms, Skyler also started to experience unpredictable fainting spells that left them dependent on a wheelchair. They also started to develop chronic pain, joint dislocations, malaise, and more. After 5 years of going to many doctors and having numerous ER or urgent care visits, undergoing countless tests and procedures, and going through many medication trials. Skyler was diagnosed with POTS, Hypovelima, and neuropathy. About 4 years later, at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Skyler was diagnosed with EDS (hypermobile type).  Unfortunately, permanent damage had been done from EDS such as further vision loss due to glaucoma, bone loss in their ankle and spinal cord, and demineralization which caused many oral issues. In 2018 Skyler began experiencing seizure-like activity after they fainted.The seizures mimicked grand mal seizures and began to happen up to 10 times a day. Skyler unfortunately went through mistreatment from doctors and was denied by several doctors, despite referral, due to their “medical complexity”, their insurance, or it wasn’t necessary to be seen. Doctors believed that they were making it up and after several years of being passed from doctor to doctor, skyler got the diagnosis of convulsive syncope.  Additionally Skyler also has battled depression, PTSD, and anxiety. However, throughout all of this Skyler has not given up. 


In 2019, Skyler was nominated for the Rising Star Award for Dysautonomia Support Netowrk’s Patient’s Choice Awards. They’ve also had several of their poems featured on multiple websites and one of their poems was even showcased in one of their doctor’s offices. Skyler has noticed how much their poetry has impacted people’s lives and has since started a Facebook blog to share their story as someone living with chronic and mental illness. Along with their blog, Skyler has also started an instagram to share their journey. You can follow Skyler on instagram: @chronically.challenged and Facebook: Chronically challenged: Finding Myself Through Chronic Illness.

April 2020: Sam

Our warrior of the month for April is Sam!

Sam is currently fighting Grade 4 Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, after being

diagnosed in July 2019. Sam’s journey started when a 7 cm brain tumor was discovered during

a CT scan in June 2019. Shortly after this discovery he lost mobility in his whole left side and

had an emergency craniotomy three days after arriving at the hospital. This surgery was

performed by Dr. Cusimano who is the best surgeon in Canada. Sam was told if he hadn’t had

his CT scan and surgery he would’ve only had around 2 more weeks to live. Shortly after being

in recovery and rehab for two weeks, Sam got his pathology report that he had Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma Grade 4. However, Sam isn’t letting this get him down!! He is determined to fight

and started Good Vibes Only to create hope, spread awareness, and raise money for Brain

Cancer. He is currently undergoing a year's worth of chemotherapy which is 5 days a month for

12 months with projection to finish treatment in September 2020!!


Sam’s hobbies include playing guitar, snowboarding, hiking in the forest, and traveling. He

hopes to travel the world, get a German Shepard and a truck, marry his girlfriend, Laura, and

start a family together one day.


Staying busy and keeping focused on his goal is what keeps Sam going through these tough

times. The goal being to continue spreading awareness for Brain Cancer and working on his

Good Vibes Only fundraising initiative. Getting to personally make and hand deliver orders to

people who are supporting his cause or going through something similar gives him hope.

However, all of his strength comes from his loyal and devoted girlfriend who has been by his

side during the entire cancer journey. Sam says he doesn’t know where he would be without



On average, aggressive Brain Cancer like Sam’s has a survival rate of 1-2 years after

diagnosis. This fact and learning that Brain Cancer is one of the most underfunded types of

cancer is what has inspired Sam to share his journey. He wants to do something because he

believes there is a possibility to have a future without brain cancer. Sam started Good Vibes

Only to spread awareness for Brain Cancer and to raise money for the Gerry and Nancy Pencer

Brain Tumor Center at Princess Margaret which is where he receives his treatment. You can

join #SAMSARMY on instagram and help Sam spread Good Vibes Only for Brain Cancer awareness.  You can also follow him on instagram @goodvibesforsam !!

awareness. You can also follow him on instagram @goodvibesonlyforsam!!

March 2020: Indie

Our warrior for the month of March is Indie!

I am so excited about March's Warrior of The Month!! It's also her birthday month! 
Indie was born with Esophageal Atresia and Trecheoesophageal Fistula (EA/TEF) Because Indie's anatomy was altered/corrected at birth, she is still "learning" the proper swallow and thus, she aspirates thin liquids. She also has a laryngeal cleft, which is a second birth defect in addition to EA/TEF - they frequently happen together. This will be repaired surgically in 2020, which contributes to her chronic aspiration. She drinks bottles that are thickened to nectar consistency to prevent damage to her lungs. Another challenge we are all trying to get used to is how others react to some of Indie's noises! EA/TEF children have softer tracheas and this results in a "barky" cough or a "honking" noise during times of excitement, laughter, physical activity, etc. Unfortunately, strangers automatically assume that she's sick and want to keep their distance. We are still fine-tuning a suitable, quick explanation to ease the discomfort of others, while prioritizing Indie's confidence. 


 Indie loves chasing her two dogs around in her walker! She also loves eating finger foods (especially avocado and sweet potato fries), and she stands and cruises on every possible surface! By the time this is featured, she will for sure be walking all over the place! 


Indie has a family that will drop everything on a dime to be by her side during tests, procedures and doctors' appointments. She is cared for by the specialized EA/TEF Clinic at Columbia New York Presbyterian Hospital and it brings us all great confidence in knowing her care is in such incredible hands. We have also met many families with EA/TEF kids, both in person and online. Having this community and watching older people live normal lives with EA/TEF is the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all so grateful to have made these personal connections so that Indie knows she is not alone.


Her future goals include a successful laryngeal cleft repair in 2020, eventually being cleared for thin liquids, and minimal "stuckys"! A "stucky" in the EA/TEF community is our way of saying that food gets stuck in the narrow part of the repaired esophagus. Sometimes a "stucky" can be cleared on it's own - and other times it requires surgical intervention. Some children experience stuckys frequently, and others rarely with zero food restrictions! Our hope for Indie's future is for her to have the latter... and most importantly, a healthy and happy relationship with food. She is well on her way.


Indie's awesome mom, Liz, was inspired to document her journey because EA/TEF happens 1 in every 4,000 live births, which is a lot more common than you'd think. The first successful EA/TEF repair was done in the 1940's, meaning many of the first survivors are still alive to this day. There is VERY little research about this condition, nobody knows why it happens in utero, and so few people have even heard of it! (We first learned of it a mere 45 minutes after Indie's birth... and many of our friends with EA/TEF children were in the same boat.) With a blog platform like the one I have, I believe I've got enough "eyeballs" reading my content to spark up a conversation about EA/TEF. We hope that sharing Indie's story will inspire people - especially parents - to have patience and grace towards others... because things aren't always as they seem. Our story will serve as a reminder to people everywhere that special needs are not always visible on the outside!

February 2020: Jade

Our Warrior of the Month for February is Jade!


Jade is fighting type One diabetes, seizures and gastrointestinal issues. She loves watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix and going on road trips in her spare time. What keeps her going through hard times is her brave dream job of being a police officer. She would love to able to make a difference in people’s lives. Jade has been inspired to share her story because of her amazing paediatric nurses. They have given her the confidence to talk about her conditions. Jade is very happy she is now able to share her story and show people they are not alone! 

January 2020: Katie

Our Warrior of the Month for January is Katie! 


Katie is currently fighting a LOT, including: colonic paralysis, a connective tissue disorder, POTS, autonomic dysfunction, gastroparesis, chronic pain (fibromyalgia), a neurogenic bladder, just over a 1.5 years post-op from spinal fusion to correct scoliosis, and has a suspected autoimmune condition.

Katie loves to play the guitar, ukulele, piano, and drums as well as bake. In addition, she is a retired competitive swimmer of nearly eleven years, but still loves to coach private lessons when her health permits. Katie is also a passionate writer and photographer.

Her organization, Katie’s Cozies, is her motivation to fight each day. Through KC’s, she makes and donates fleece blankets to the inpatient kids at her local children’s hospital after receiving one of her own a year ago. Her family, friends, and fellow spoonies also motivate her to stay strong through the chaos of each day, and she is truly thankful to them.

One of Katie's goals is to attend college. She would love to study psychology or biochemistry; polar opposites. On the contrary, Katie would love to write and be a motivational speaker/voice for the disabled community.

Her best friend, Brianna, inspired Katie to share her journey. She is also chronically ill and found that writing about what she was going through as well as connecting with others similar to her was extraordinarily helpful in coping. She wasn’t wrong! Katie is much happier now that she has made virtual friends who understand what she goes through each day. She has actually met others in her area through her Instagram platform and has become friends with them that way, too!

Thank you for sharing and being an awesome warrior, Katie! We are so excited to celebrate you! 

December 2019: Meg

December's Warrior of the Month is Meg! 

Meg has been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 2004- originally diagnosed as Relapsing Remitting MS which eventually progressed to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She has a multitude of other comorbidities that make the disease challenging and complex, including Anxiety/cPTSD, Dysautonomia (HyperPOTS/IST), Erythromyalgia, Intestinal Dysmotility (GP/Colonic Inertia/Esophegeal Dysmotility/Dyssynergia), Hashimoto’s, Narcolepsy, Osteoarthritis, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Raynaud’s. Completely unrelated to the MS, Meg was born with a Chiari Malformation which was repaired through neurosurgery in 2015. 


Meg and her husband share a strong love of animals- and currently have a dog Bear, who they adopted in 2017 and rehabbed after a significant injury and subsequent surgeries. Bear is a mix of Great Pyrenees, Golden Retriever and Beagle- he’s quite a handsome resilient boy. She absolutely loves wineries and trying new wine, even though she's often unable to tolerate it due to allergies and medication interactions. Meg would love to tour Napa Valley one day! And she can’t forget her reality TV passions- especially anything on Bravo and of course the Bachelor franchise! Will you accept this rose?  


No matter how much Meg hates the symptoms and challenges she deals with every single day, a tiny bit of hope ALWAYS wins out. Hope that things will get better, hope that her symptoms will decrease, hope that her quality of life will improve. She may say “I can’t do this anymore,” more times than she would like to admit, but that little bit of hope is still stronger. 



Overall, Meg hopes we find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis that helps everyone, not just patients with the most common type. For her specifically, she hopes to start a nonprofit that is focused on patient advocacy. "No one teaches you how to be sick, or how to advocate for yourself. I’ve learned only through trial by fire, and lots of tears, and I hope to save future patients those horrific learning curves and give them tools to empower themselves and identify their options much sooner than I did."



When she was diagnosed at the age of 23 Meg felt incredibly alone. No one her age had significant health problems, let alone a progressive incurable disease. Social media had not taken off yet, and support groups could be toxic environments where she was the youngest in the room. Meg wishes she had known there was someone like her out there- it would have made this journey a little less painful and a lot less lonely. 

's attention...

November 2019: Destinee

We are so excited to introduce our Warrior of the Month of November, Destinee!

Destinee has been sick her whole life, but in 2015 her health declined rapidly. Her main diagnoses are; Gastroparesis, Juvenile ankylosing spondylitis, POTS, MCAD, and Sleep apnea. She is finding it challenging to adjust to life out of hospital since having two minor heart attacks in September and losing functioning of her bladder, bowels and right leg, but we are so proud of her strength and courage in getting through this tough time! We are always cheering her on.


For hobbies, Destinee especially loves to watch sports and movies, enjoys painting and photography, and at one point was a national athlete for track and hockey!


During the more challenging times, her support system and hope are what keeps her strong. At her weakest points where she feels in the dark, her family is the light that allows her to rise up and be strong. Faith and hope are two words that Destinee thinks of every day to keep her going - hope for a brighter future and faith that she is exactly where she is supposed to be. 


Destinee hopes to continue advocating for chronic illnesses and creating a support group in her community, as well as traveling the world meeting other warriors! Isn't there just something about those who "get it"?! She plans on going to med school with the goal of becoming a pediatric oncologist or a family physician to help others and hopefully bring hope to a broken system. We think this is just incredible! To be able to think of giving back to others when you are struggling yourself is truly what being a warrior is about!


Destinee began sharing her journey to meet others like her and to generate awareness for chronic illnesses. She shares her journey to hopefully inspire others to share their stories and to always know they have someone to support them and believe in them through everything! The road might be curved and rocky, but together - we can do anything!

You can learn more about Destinee and follow her story on Instagram: @fightlike_d 

October 2019: Abby

Our amazing Warrior of the Month for October is Abby! 

Abby has had non-epileptic seizures since August of 2018 and still doesn't have a clear diagnosis. She has been diagnosed with FND (functional neurological disorder) but many medical professionals are unaware of the diagnosis and as a result, Abby often faces doctors who seem to pass off her symptoms as a ”mental health issue”. She is understandably still seeking answers! Abby also struggles with anxiety and depression. 

She loves to spend time with horses, paint, read, and watch The Office in her free time. 

Abby finds comfort in knowing she is not alone in this journey, and it helps her push on!  

Her goal is to one day be a marine biologist! 


Abby went back and forth for a long time before deciding to open up about her health struggles, and was inspired by other people who talk about what they’re going through. She wanted to be honest so that she too can inspire people and give them some hope as they fight their own battles. Abby wants fellow warriors to know there are people out there that are going through the same thing as them; people that know what it's like to be in their shoes.


Her instagram is @abbycjenkins. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Abby! 

September 2019: Mandy

Our amazing Warrior of the Month for September is Mandy! 

By day Mandy fights chronic illnesses - by night, she works as a 911 Police and Fire Dispatcher! Mandy battles Classical Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Asthma, and Chronic Migraines. Despite the challenges she faces, Mandy refuses to let chronic illness define her! She strives to bring awareness not only to the illnesses she faces, but to all conditions!


We admire Mandy's strength and her determination to never let her challenges define her. She is someone who embodies what it means to Fight Like A Warrior and we are so excited to be celebrating her this month. Here's to you Mandy! 

August 2019: Jenna

We are so excited to announce Jenna as our August Warrior of the Month!

Jenna is fighting a few illnesses, but they aren't holding her back from living life to the fullest! She struggles with panic disorder, major depression and anxiety, non-epileptic seizures, and complex regional pain syndrome, also known as CRPS. Growing up from the age of seven, Jenna struggled with depression, and since the age of 16, she began seeking therapy, which eventually led her to outpatient and inpatient treatment for her senior year of high school.


During this time, she began experiencing extreme panic attacks, that later found out to be non-epileptic seizures, caused by her heart rate rising too fast. It was a hard diagnosis to hear, but it helped to understand why her panic attacks were so severe and debilitating. She later got frost bite, which unfortunately caused Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Thankfully, she has found some relief with the help of physical therapy and a spinal cord stimulator that helps control the pain in her legs. 

Jenna's hobbies include going to the dog park when able, hanging out with friends, and writing, almost always in her hammock!! She is writing a book about her experiences in the past two years, and it is something she really enjoys doing!

Jenna has a loving lifesaver service dog Paxton that keeps her strong and going! She saves her life during her medical episodes and she keeps her safe all the time! She also has the best support system from her friends, who help keep her mind off the pain with makeup, facetime, or just relaxing! 

Her goals and hopes for the future are to get her mental and physical health where it needs to be to go back to school, and then hopefully become a public speaker and create a nonprofit related to service dogs! Jenna loves helping others, and if she can do that as her job in the future, it would make her heart so full. 


Congratulations, Jenna! We are so happy to honor your strength this month! Thank you for sharing your story! 

July 2019: Faye

Our warrior for July is Faye Bird! Faye is 21 years old and is fighting Anorexia Nervosa, body dysmorphic disorder, self-injury, and severe anxiety. She has previously struggled with Major Depressive Disorder and dissociation. Faye has been struggling with other mental illnesses since she was twelve, spending a third of her life in treatment centers and hospitals before the age of nineteen. 


Despite her battle, in recovery, for the first time, Faye has begun to find hobbies and passions! These include modern dance, rugby, drawing, hiking, writing poetry, laughing with friends, and reminding those she cares for how grateful she is that they are in her life! 


Faye says, "When times get dark, as they always do sometimes in this life, I remind myself of two things; first, that I am never truly as alone as I feel, and second, that I have survived so much and I undeniably can survive this too. I remind myself that it was the hard moments thus far that have shaped me into the compassionate, deeply-feeling human I am today, and these continued dark times will only make me stronger, more empathetic, and more grateful for this life."


For a long time, Faye struggled thinking about her future, but now she says her life is filled with hope! Faye hopes to one day become a therapist and would love to write a book and publish a book of poetry. She hopes to create small change that lifts the voices of others which might have otherwise been lost.


Faye began sharing her journey on a blog last year (that she says you've probably never heard of, as she had about seven followers), and now she shares her story on Instagram (@fayebirdy88) because she has realized that there is no shame in our stories! There is no shame in the struggle, or the darkness, because the risings she has seen in others have been miraculous. She realized that if she had the power to just make one person feel less alone, it was her duty to do so!

Faye is an absolute inspiration in her own recovery and the desire she has to give back to others! She is truly embodying all it means to be a warrior by bringing hope into her own life and spreading it far and wide! We are so excited to celebrate her this month! Check out her page! 

June 2019: Zi

This month's warrior is Zi!! 

Zi has Crohn’s Disease which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease. He was diagnosed when he was 17 but had spent the whole year before experiencing awful symptoms. 

In his free time he plays football (soccer), goes to the gym and sees friends whenever he can.

Zi has a great support system in his family and friends. He relies on lots of bed rest, a good binge-worthy series on Netflix, and mint tea to get him through the flare-ups.

His health goals are to continue to remain in remission, hopefully becoming medication free, while his career goal is to get involved with medical research.

 Zi runs a social media campaign called The Grumbling Gut. He started to blog about his experiences with Crohn's disease and had received so many questions from people asking about the disease, and also from people who already had it wanted more information. He then dedicated his social media to raising awareness and providing education about IBD. Zi thought of the name The Grumbling Gut because what else could describe his gut so perfectly?!

May 2019: Evie

This month's warrior is Evie! Evie had Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and has now been in remission for a few years. Since finishing treatment, however, all the toxins from the chemotherapy have gotten to be too much for her body. Her treatment has left her with chronic pain and reliant on a wheelchair to get about. 

Evie is a creative person, who likes drawing and crafts. She also enjoys horse riding! She credits her inspirational friends and family for keeping her strong and getting her through the tough times. 


Evie's long term goal is to get out of her wheelchair on the daily and work on walking some distance. She would also love to get into school more regularly. 

We're so happy to have Evie as our May Warrior of the Month and can't wait to celebrate her strength all month! 

April 2019: Katie

This month's warrior is Katie Knight! Katie is a fierce warrior who is fighting cerebral palsy and has recently undergone major surgery on both legs this past summer. Going through all that she has in the past year has taught her so much about herself and the world around her. She is incredibly thankful to have an amazing support system of family and friends who she credits to helping her fight! She focuses on getting stronger every day and that progress keeps her going! 

In her spare time, Katie loves to sew, write, draw, and hang out with friends! 

Katie plans to get her undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering and a masters in prosthetics/orthotics. She is ready to make the most of her “new legs” and the incredible opportunities she has been given throughout her life! We all cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!! 

March 2019: Megan

This month, we are proud to feature Warrior Megan! Megan struggles with multiple chronic illnesses that leave her with constant pain, fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath. The former dancer now relies on a walker and wheelchair to get around, but she continues to fight and maintains a positive outlook by choosing to focus on all she can do, instead of what she struggles with. Megan has a talent for graphic design and animation, which she uses to express her creativity and bring her drawings to life! In school, Megan is a straight A student, a year ahead in math, and was recently inducted into the National Honor Society--despite having to miss significant amounts of school for doctors appointments and treatments! 

Megan's mom, Shelby, says "she is the bravest, strongest, and smartest girl I know. She is a true warrior and I am so proud of her. I feel so blessed to be her mother. She has a heart of gold and is a true inspiration to everyone". We agree, Shelby!! Megan is a true warrior!

Feburary 2019: Abby

Abby is this month's Warrior of the Month and she is a true warrior! She is battling lactase intolerance, EDS, POTS, MCAS, PNES, Myofacitis, and Dysautonomia, but despite her challenges, Abby continues to smile every day and push through the battle like the warrior she is! Abby has a positive outlook on life and tries to help others whenever she can. She loves sharing her story in the hopes to raise awareness and help others by making sure they know they are not alone! She was even recently featured on The Mighty! She is her own #1 advocate and even helps to teach her doctors about some of her conditions they are less familiar with. She knows her life may be a bit different, yet she continues to be the amazing person she is! Her mom says, "She is my hero and deserves to be the Warrior of the Month, as she is a daily warrior!"

January 2019 : Ashley

Ashley is our first warrior of 2019! She is the true definition of a warrior fighting autoimmune Dysautonomia, POTS, IBS, Factor 5, and Neurogenic Bladder daily, but still managing to keep a smile on her face! She even brings joy to other sick kids by making care packages for them at the children's hospital where she receives care. She has also donated toys, books, movies, games, and blankets to the hospital as well! It is incredibly special for her to work so hard to give back to others when she herself is fighting her own battle. Ashley has been through so much in her 17 years of life, but continues to fight every single day and doesn't let anything get her down! Not only does she fight for herself, but she fights for others like her going through similar battles. Ashley's mom says she is her best friend and is extremely proud of her and everything she accomplishes every day. Her mom says "she has the biggest heart and she fights like a warrior every single day". It is clear to us that Ashley truly lives her life fighting like a warrior and we are honored to feature her this month. 

Decmeber 2018: Jacquie

Jacquie was nominated this month by Dysautonomic Abby. Jacquie is such a great example of a true warrior! This past month she has received a major surgery but has remained strong through it all and has continued to inspire others during this extremely difficult time. Despite the multiple chronic illnesses she has, Jacquie doesn't let them get her down and always has a smile on her face! She is such an incredible warrior for so many reasons, but she is truly special because even during her worst flare days, she continues to fight like a champ, make others happy, and let fellow warriors know they are not alone. Jacquie is admired by many, especially Dysautonomic Abby. Abby says that Jacquie 100% deserves the December Warrior of the Month and we couldn't agree more. We are so excited to feature her as this month's warrior!


November 2018: Trina

Trina is the true definition of a warrior! She has been through so much and continues to go through so much, but never fails to have a smile on her face. She is always there whenever someone needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to rant to. She is such an inspiration to many and rarely ever shows the struggles she faces daily. She is such an amazing, down-to-earth person, and has such the sweetest soul. She continuously posts inspiring and positive quotes on her Instagram (@katrinasbrain) to help anyone if they are having a hard time or feeling bad about themselves. She always reminds people that they are never alone in their fight and their journey. We are so excited to be featuring her this month as she continues to show what a true warrior is!​

October 2018: Courtney

Courtney is the definition of what it means to be a warrior and deserves to be this month's Warrior of the Month. About 5 years ago, she received her HPV vaccine and, shortly after, became sick. She has multiple chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders. Despite being sick, she has such a positive outlook on life and inspires so many people, including all of us at Fight Like A Warrior. Courtney says that being sick has definitely made it hard for her to love the body and skin that she is in and has robbed her of her teenage years. Even though her illnesses have taken so much from her, she believes that it has also given her so much and has shaped her into who she is today. She says she doesn't think she would be the person she is today without them. She says that being sick has made her look at life in a positive and appreciative new perspective and has caused her to learn life lessons before everyone else, like what true friends are. She believes that it has shaped her into the kind, genuine, and optimistic person she is today. She believes that if you can't find the sunshine, then be the sunshine. This is truly what she is, a ray of sunshine. She is so kind and helpful to everyone that she encounters. I am so proud to be able to feature her as this month's warrior because she totally deserves it.

September 2018: Dani

Dani is this month’s amazing warrior. There are a lot of things that make her stand out as a warrior. She has been through so much in her 17 years of life and still lives everyday and fights one day at a time. When she was 2 1/2 years old, she got diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder meaning that she wasn’t able to process things as easily as other kids around her. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed too late to use the early childhood program, which caused a lot of bullying in elementary school from kids her age. She says “I struggled to fit in and communicate. And I still do”. The bullying didn’t stop in middle school and actually was worse than ever. She started self-harming and was eventually diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She was put on medication that was supposed to help with these disorders, but only made them worse. In 2017, she tried to take her own life. Since then, she has been diagnosed with mood dysregulation disorder after relapsing in self harm. Dani has dealt with so much and is such a strong individual. She is so amazing by being able to deal with all of this and still fight every day and live her life. She is a true fighter and a mental illness warrior. She inspires all of us at Fight Like a Warrior, as well as many others. We are so happy to have her as this month’s warrior. 

August 2018: Danielle

This month's warrior is the amazing Danielle. Her friend Christina nominated her because she has always expected her for who she is despite her physical disability. Christina says that Danielle always excepts everyone for who they are and is able to focus on the important things in life. Danielle battles her own chronic illness, Cushing's Disease, but still takes the time to provide support and mentorship for others facing her same disease. She advocates for people with the disease, she does fundraisers for walks, and she she provides peer support. She inspires everyone she meets and is such a selfless person. She has a goal in life to help others, even though she battles so much herself. She is what it truly means to be a warrior and we are so proud to be able to feature her this month! She is incredible! 

July 2018: Carrielee

This month's warrior is Carrielee and she is truly incredible and inspiring in every way. She is the picture of what a true warrior is. She battles so much on a daily basis, but continues to live her life and enjoy it to the best of her abilities. She battles bipolar depression, sever anxiety, panic attacks, self harm, a sever eating disorder, severe PTSD, and gastroparesis. She is also suspected of having Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and EDS. She has had multiple hospital stays, outpatient visits, tests, and treatments and she continues to stay strong. She enjoys music, is really strong in her faith, and enjoys going to church. She would love to pursue a career in student ministry in her future, which keeps her going in life with hopes of being healthy enough to go back to school. Despite everything she deals with on a daily basis, she still remains strong and inspires everyone that she meets. She is amazing in every way and we are so glad to be featuring her this month! 

June 2018: Kierstin

This month's warrior has been through so much and is what it truly means to be a warrior. When she was 13, she was diagnosed with Endometriosis. At 15, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Age 16 came with the diagnosis of chronic migraines, and, finally, at her current age of 18, she was diagnosed with adenomyosis. She had a partial hysterectomy in March to help with her adenomyosis and is hoping that it will give her her life back. She has been through a lot in the past 5 years, but still continues to have a good attitude and a good outlook on life. She is starting college in the fall on almost a full ride scholarship and is going to study to be a medical missionary overseas. She is so inspiring and so amazing in every way. We are so glad to be featuring her as this month's warrior, she truly deserves it!

May 2018: Emma

Emma is the definition of what a true warrior is. When she was 12 she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of her right femur, which is an aggressive bone cancer. She had to endure 9 months of intense high dose chemotherapy. She also had to have 5 surgeries to remove the cancer from her leg and the metastasis in her lungs. She had a rare procedure done on her leg, called a rotationplasty, which removes the cancerous knee area and saves the remaining healthy portion of her lower limb. Her ankle sits backwards in the socket and functions as a knee joint. This surgery has allowed her to walk and do gymnastics again, even with a prosthetic leg and has made everything easier for her. She is now able to do flips and live her everyday life. He story is truly inspiring and she is such an amazing warrior. She wants to show others that anything is possible if they set their mind to it and that's exactly what she is doing. She inspires everyone at Fight Like A Warrior, as well as everyone she comes in contact with. She is incredible!well as everyone she comes in contact with. She is incredible!item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

April 2018: Justin

Justin has been through a lot in the past two years, yet has approached his challenge as a warrior! We are so happy to be able to honor his strength and bravery by celebrating him as this month's Warrior of the Month! In November of 2016, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25. Despite his struggles, he is a fourth grade teacher and founded a website called aBallsySenseofTumor.com. He created this site to share his story and spread awareness about testicular cancer, as well as men's health in general. Testicular cancer isn't talked about enough in today's society, so his hope is to bring more awareness to this disease and prevent other men from going through the same battle. He believes that knowing someone who is going through cancer can help make it more real to men who might not otherwise be concerned about their own health. It is incredible how Justin is trying to raise awareness for a disease that could affect any man's life and how he has moved past his own story, in the hopes this doesn't have to happen to anyone else. He is truly an inspiration to everyone he meets! Justin touches so many people by sharing his story of determination and courage! April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, so we are more than happy to feature him during this important time! We hope casting a light on Justin's story will help spread more awareness for this disease, especially this month! Justin is a true warrior and we are beyond proud to announce him as our Warrior of the Month!

March 2018: Cristina

This month's warrior is Cristina! Her friend Danielle states that "she is the TRUE definition of what a real warrior is". Cristina has a rare and degenerative disorder known as spinal muscular atrophy. She has been in a power wheelchair since the age of three, due to her limited mobility. Despite her struggles, she continues to remain positive and has a blog called Beautiful Complicated. In this blog Cristina states, "to say that my life is unusual is an understatement and I feel a growing need to bring awareness to chronic illness. Many people don't understand what my life is like and what obstacles I face everyday, mostly because up until now I've been too scared to let people in". Cristina truly is amazing and hopes to be able to shed light on her illness, as well as others, and show the world how truly incredible she and other warriors really are. She inspires everyone that she encounters and helps them through their darkest days. We are so honored to be able to feature Cristina as this month's warrior! 

February 2018: Jude

February's Warrior of the Month is little Jude! Jude proves that big warriors come in small packages! He is a strong 4 year old boy who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia a year ago. He has already gone through so much treatment since being diagnosed and still has two and a half years to go. Even though treatment has been rough on him, he still continues to push through everyday with a smile on his face. He shows true courage and strength, which is incredible, especially for someone his age! His aunt says, "I call him my hero and would love to see him recognized and celebrated for the warrior he truly is"! Keep up the fight Jude!

January 2018: Katie

January's Warrior of the Month is truly inspiring and embodies everything it means to be a warrior. Katie battles many chronic illnesses, some of which include Dysautanomia and Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome. Despite the multiple challenges she has faced in her own life, she doesn't forget about those fighting around her. She gives back to the hospitals in her area, as well as the Ronald McDonald House by hosting toy drives and making chemo bags! Not only does she help sick and injured kids living in the hospital or the Ronald McDonald House, but she also chooses certain families to give back to as well. She has a Facebook Page called Smiling While Sending Hope (https://www.facebook.com/Smiling-While-Sending-Hope-561096004224670/), which shows many different amazing care packages that she has given to those in the hospital. As if all of these acts of kindness weren't enough, she also volunteers with an organization called HealthBeMe and just helped put on a party for teens with chronic illnesses. There seriously isn't anything that this girl can't do. She is so incredible and inspires so many people daily. We are pleased to be able to name her as our Warrior of the Month for January!

December 2017: Adeline

Adeline is the definition of what it means to be a warrior. She is only two and has already been through more in her short life, than most people will experience in a lifetime. Her story began when she was born at just 26 weeks. She was already a fighter! She had NEC at 3 weeks old, intestinal blockage at 3 months old, and malformation and volvulus at 6 months old. She is TPN and GJ tube dependent and is about to have her 9th surgery along with a possible diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. This little girl has been through so much and still continues to fight. Despite all of her challenges, she never fails to smile and light up the lives of the people around her. Her laugh is contagious and her love of life is beyond admirable! She is a true inspiration to many and shows exactly what it means to be a warrior. We think Addie is truly is incredible and has already brought so much love and light into the world!

November 2017: Felicity

This month's Warrior of the Month is Felicity. Despite facing such a challenging battle, she remains strong. She has 13 chronic illnesses, but doesn't let them get her down. Her sister says "I have never met a more resilient spoonie. She never lets anything hold her back, no matter how much mental or physical pain she is in. She acts in plays, she dances, she is a full-time student at a University and she runs her own dance blog, called Dancing Through Life". Despite the obstacles she may experience, she doesn't let them hold her back and keeps pushing to follow her dream of becoming a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. We cannot wait to watch her dreams come true! She is what it truly means to be a warrior! 

October 2017: Sara

Sara is such an amazing warrior! She battles many chronic illnesses daily, but still manages to keep a smile on her face and remain selfless towards everyone she meets. She volunteers for her school's special Olympics team and coaches special needs kids in all kinds of different sports. She is so kind to everyone she meets and shows her strength in everything she does. 

September 2017: Claudia Martinez

Claudia is the definition of a true warrior. Everything about her screams inspiration. She is in her second year of medical school despite the many hospitalizations, procedures, and surgeries she has been through for her multiple illnesses. She wants to change the world for the better and that is truly incredible! She states "I have had to re-learn how to feed, bathe, and dress myself again with re-learning how to walk, but despite this I've never given up on my dream of becoming a doctor and I hope to inspire others to never give up on their dreams". Her determination and attitude are incredibly admirable, and Claudia continues to inspire those around her every single day!

June 2017: Chanel White

Chanel has always been a leader in the chronic illness community. Despite her own battles, she is constantly supporting others and helping them find their voice. Chanel speaks openly and honestly about her illnesses, which inspires others to fearlessly do the same. She completely embodies what it means to be a warrior!

May 2017: Starlette Atterbom

Nominated by Hannah Hodson, Starlette is described as, "incredibly strong, encouraging, and sweet! She selflessly offers advice and help to others in the spoon community. She also keeps the best attitude and lives her life with joy and adventure, despite the pain. Seeing the way she lives and travels encourages me to not wait to get better, but to live life now!" 

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