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Welcome to Brave and Beautiful

Welcome to Brave and Beautiful! My name is Lauren, and I’m here to share with my fellow warriors why and how we can all learn to love ourselves. What I’d like to start by telling you is that there is no wrong way to have a body. It is easy to feel the need to conform to the look that society tells you is “right” or “perfect,” but what people don’t tell you is that “right” and “perfect” don’t truly exist. Now, I’m no expert, but I like to think that beauty comes from what you think of yourself. If you believe that you are beautiful, everyone around you will be able to see it too.

This blog is a place to share some of my favorite stories, tips, and tricks on positivity. I am so happy to be able to talk to some of my fellow warriors about something I am so passionate about. While I will be sharing my own favorites here, I am always open to new things as well. Feel free to share your tips, tricks, and stories with me through our Q&A section. I am always willing to try new things, and I would love to share some of my new friend’s ideas. Can’t wait to talk to you some more!


Welcome to Brave and Beautiful! My name is Alana, I am 18 years old and I am a proud eating disorder survivalist. Learning to love my body was and still is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I am here today to prove that society and body standards and what is “pretty” or “hot” does not need to have any bearing on your happiness. There is no right or wrong body: your own body is just as imperfectly perfect as it should be. So, embrace those curves, or that thigh gap, love all your cellulite or lack of it and never forget that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

This blog is not just about me rambling about my own story- because that would help no one! I want to hear all about everyone’s unique battles, tips on how to overcome obstacles, and any remaining questions. You can send any message in the Q&A section, read my blog posts, and check out some awesome warriors doing the love your body challenge. Can’t wait to talk to everyone and hear some incredible stories!

Body positivity and love always,


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