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50 Things You Should Never Apologize For

50 things you should never be sorry for:

  1. Putting yourself first

  2. Taking time for yourself

  3. Staying in bed all day

  4. Feeling confident in yourself

  5. Saying no to plans

  6. Wearing your pajamas in public

  7. Doing something that makes you happy

  8. Singing to music too loudly

  9. Your feelings

  10. Wearing extra makeup

  11. Expressing your thoughts

  12. Standing up for what’s right

  13. Having an opinion

  14. Buying yourself something expensive

  15. Eating junk food

  16. Watching a whole show in one weekend

  17. Laughing loudly in public

  18. Wearing clothes that make you feel good

  19. Dreaming big

  20. Not caring about what people think of you

  21. Making a choice you think is right

  22. Getting a bad grade on a test once in awhile

  23. Ignoring someone’s text

  24. Staying up all night

  25. Being unable to keep up with peers

  26. Needing help

  27. What you love

  28. Who you love

  29. Your size

  30. Having a bad day

  31. Giving second chances

  32. Forgiving others

  33. Treating yourself

  34. Ordering dessert

  35. Someone else’s mistakes

  36. Having a messy room

  37. Saying No

  38. Letting go of a toxic friend

  39. Your priorities

  40. Not knowing the answer

  41. Bad dancing

  42. Sleeping in

  43. Making a positive change in your life

  44. Being yourself

  45. Taking a break

  46. Asking questions

  47. Where you came from

  48. Being passionate about something

  49. Not being passionate about something

  50. Being happy.

Being accepting of the things that make you different is an important step to feeling accepted by those around you. Learning to accept these things is not going to happen overnight, but everyday is another move toward truly loving yourself. Allowing yourself to feel sorry for the things that make you unique, is allowing the pressure, to conform to a certain image created by society, to win. We as unique individuals must realize and accept that we will all do things differently. We will not all look the same, act the same, have the same goals, feel the same, have similar opinions, like the same type of clothing, see things the same way, learn the same, love the same, talk the same, think the same, or live the same. We will never be able to show the people around us that we accept their differences, if we can not accept our own.

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