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"Summer Bodies"

Summer is starting, and everyone is getting ready for their vacations and time with friends. What everyone thinks they also need to "get ready for," is what they are going to be wearing. I always hear people working out for their "summer body." But what defines a "summer body?" A summer body can defined by the "wow factor" or the ideal "bikini shape."

But, you see, not every body can make certain shape. Not every body can have a thigh gap. Not every body can reach a certain height. Not every body can develop certain curves. Not every body can reach particular weights. Not every body can pack on ideal muscles.

But not every body NEEDS to reach those "summer body" requirements. Everyone looks good in different things. It's like our hairstyles. Some people look best with long hair, some with short hair. Some people look best with dark hair, some with light hair. It depends on their face shape, skin tone, or eye color.

Most importantly, not everyone will WANT to reach those "summer body" requirements because there should be no rules to the way we look. We should wear whatever we feel comfortable in, without having to worry about the shape of our bodies and trying to cover them. So what if I don't have the same body as the model on the website? That's what they make other sizes for! Who would wear the other sizes if only the smalls could wear them the "right way?"

So instead of preparing for our "summer bodies," what should we prepare for?

We should prepare for all the books we will have time to read! Make a list of all of the new books you want to enjoy.

We should prepare to keep hydrated! Find a way to remind yourself to drink water!

We should prepare our activities! Summer is best spent with the people you love and new adventures!

Most importantly we should prepare to feel great in our bodies and happy with ourselves. I hope you spend your summers with big smiles and happy memories!!

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