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Dare To Care

I think people are often afraid to be openly loving towards themselves and others. They think they will be judged for showing so much care towards themselves and those around them. But, I think we need to show so much love, that it teaches those, who notice, how to do it themselves.

So today...

I dare you to smile meaninglessly.

I dare you to change your style to the way you wish it was.

I dare you to buy yourself the expensive thing you've been wishing for.

I dare you to laugh at stupid jokes.

I dare you to smile at every person on the street, even if they don't smile back.

I dare you to compliment the stranger that just walked by, even if you're afraid they'll think you're weird.

I dare you to dress the way you feel most confident.

I dare you to dance carelessly to your favorite song in public.

I dare you to forget everything bad you think about yourself.

I dare you to follow the dreams you think you'll never achieve.

I dare you to open yourself up to new things.

I dare you to live on the edge.

I dare you to stop holding yourself back.

I dare you to believe you are important.

I dare you to change the world.

I dare you to love every last bit of what makes you the unique person you are.

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