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Beauty in Bed


I have an idea I’d like to call “Beauty In Bed," ideas and tips for those of us stuck in the hospital, on bedrest, in recovery or just plain don’t have energy!

All of us have those days where it’s been one too many without a shower! Time when the sponge bath just isn’t cutting it anymore. Here are some tricks and tips that I have personally found work well during these times to help you feel fresh and clean (and that won’t break the bank).

1. BODY ODOR: Step one, find a facial towelette you love. My personal favorite is Burts Bees, but there are so many brands and types to choose from (I know many of us have allergies) so find the right one for you! Then, pick out a scent… I like Pink Grapefruit myself, it is so refreshing and sweet. I use these daily and not just on my face, I wipe down my whole body with them! When I am finished, not only am I left feeling refreshed, but I have removed all dirt, oil and odor. One reason I choose this brand is because of the price! You can find Burts Bees at Target, CVS, and Walmart all for under five dollars. (Nordstrom Rack gets them periodically and sells them for only three dollars)

2. FEET: Ugh, there is nothing worse than dry feet rubbing against the bed sheets. Here is a hack, while laying up in bed… Aquaphor! If you can’t lean over because you just had abdominal surgery (like me) have a friend, nurse or family member help you with this one. I prefer the big jar (you can find it here) , but it all works the same. You want to coat your feet with the Aquaphor and then put socks on over. I choose to then slide my slippers on over my socks. Aquaphor is made to absorb into your body and as it was originally developed for infants and toddlers, it is gentle on your skin. Do this nightly and your feet will thank you! (The moisturizer can easily be washed out if it gets on your socks or clothes)

Tip-Use a medical glove to apply.

3. HAIR: I have developed a routine for the morning before a surgery or procedure: I first wash my hair and then dry it straight. This way it is at its absolute cleanest prior to my hospital stay or recovery. As soon as I am able, I brush my hair throughout the day and night. Typically, it is my scalp that gets oily first! I use a combo of dry shampoo and baby powder between showers. Baby powder will soak up the oils and make your hair smell good and the dry shampoo will help keep your hair easy to comb through or style. My go-to hair-do after a couple days of no wash is braided pig tails. With these I can wear beanies and still look cute even after a week of no hair washing! You can find my favorite dry shampoo here.

Tip-Using a silk pillow case leaves your hair less tangled and easier to manage!

4. FACE: No makeup is the one positive thing about hospital stays or extended bed rest. My face gets a chance to breath which is so important! After applying the Burts Bees Facial towelettes, I will use a warm washcloth on my face (you can adjust the temperature to your preference). I will do this a couple times before applying a face mask. Again, due to allergies please find one that really works for you, but I am obsessed with the BioAqua black facial mask. I was skeptical at first as it was another internet craze… but I love it! It’s only ten dollars too! It smells great and can be applied with a medical glove as well. You don't have to get up and wash your face either, this mask just peels off! I will then reapply a warm washcloth one last time. To keep my skin (face) hydrated I use Bio Oil. It does apply slightly oily to the touch but it then soaks into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and wonderful. Bio Oil does work on scars as well, so it is double the luxury for the price!

Tip-Lay a towel over your pillow or blanket while doing this so you don’t get your bedding wet.

5.COMFORT: This is the most amazing pillow ever! A friend of mine bought this for me as a gift and I use it daily. This pillow also fits a hospital bed perfectly. The shape of the pillow gives you comfort and support on all sides; there are so many ways to use it! No more need for a neck pillow or “guardian” pillow (a pillow you place to protect your wound), it covers it all. At home it makes it so nice to sit up in bed without really bending at all!

Tip-Flip the pillow upside down and pull it up under your knees. The pillow still surrounds your sides but now has a new purpose… back pain or leg aches? Don’t worry because now your legs have been lifted and all the pressure is gone. I like doing this in the hospital when I have the vibrating leg grips on me.

If you liked my ideas, don’t worry I have so many more to share! Also, I am excited for my next post where I will give you the perfect "Hospital Packing List!" Any and everything you need to bring with you. Whether it is two days or ten, I got you covered.


Beauty In Bed xoxo

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