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50 Tips for Healthy Minds

Positive Affirmations

  1. Complement other’s daily

  2. Strive for success

  3. Be prepared for every day

  4. Name one good thing about every day

  5. Listen to positive music

  6. Surround yourself with good people

  7. Eat healthy, think healthy

  8. Stay Organized

  9. Try new things

  10. Keep a schedule

  11. Forgive Yourself

  12. Read Inspiring books

  13. Focus on one thing at a time

  14. Avoid negative situations

  15. Dress the way you feel best

  16. Plan things you can look forward to

  17. Take time for yourself

  18. Get plenty of sleep

  19. Stay hydrated

  20. Find people to look up to

  21. Set small goals

  22. Pet lots of dogs

  23. Spend time outside

  24. Remind people that you care about them

  25. Have faith in yourself

  26. Be proud of who you are

  27. Stand up for what you think is right

  28. Have an opinion

  29. Say no when you want to say no

  30. Be constructive

  31. Find your happy place to escape to

  32. Be honest with yourself

  33. Don’t downplay your abilities

  34. Make mistakes

  35. Try again

  36. Admit your wrongs

  37. Treasure every experience

  38. Realize your worth

  39. Treat yourself

  40. Speak up

  41. Eliminate negative people

  42. Write down your ideas

  43. Create art

  44. Learn new things

  45. Show what makes you different

  46. Work hard

  47. Challenge yourself

  48. Aim high

  49. Pursue your goals

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