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Welcome November!

There must be magic in that November air... Congratulations, POTSies! We have survived another October and it is finally time to get off that dreaded "October Slide". For those of you who are not familiar with this term, slide is actually an acronym that stands for the following: school stress, low barometric pressures, increase of illnesses, days darkening (lower vitamin D and energy), and exercise ebbs (Dysautonomia Youth Network of America). All of these things can cause a nasty flare for a person with Dysautonomia. November first, is what I have come to call Christmas for POTSies. There really is something magical about this time of year. For me, my school workload has lightened a bit, the weather has been beautiful here in Pennsylvania, and I am slowly working my way out of this POTS flare. I know it has been a hard month, but we've spread so much awareness and made a lot of noise for our turquoise! I am so proud of you and the efforts you all have made for us as a community! That being said, just like any true warrior, you are allowed to rest and recover from all October has thrown at you. I see you fighting hard against your own body everyday, even if your fight may seem invisible to those around you. I hope you are being kind to yourself and I hope you know that you have a whole community of POTSie warriors who are right there with you through it all.

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