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The Scary F Word...Future

It is oh-so-easy to reflect on the past; to reminisce on the good days that have already happened. The reason for this is because the past is comfortable. It’s the same reason why I’ve watched the show Friends over fifteen times. I know precisely what’s going to happen and I don’t have to worry about what will occur in the plot next. So, once I’ve finished all two hundred and thirty-six episodes, I start at the beginning again; the same goes with my past. Instead of adapting to my new reality and pushing forward, I like to throw pity parties. They’re quite depressing and hinder me from truly living. You and I haven’t survived this long to not live. So, instead of romanticizing your “healthy” past and shutting down any chance of a happy future, I urge you to remember your reason to fight. You fight for the F word; you fight for your future. Whether it takes days, weeks, months, or seventy years, you fill each passing hour with living not remembering. But, living doesn’t have to be going skydiving or bungee jumping off cliffs, living can be loving. Living can be talking. Living can be seeing. Living can be drawing. Living can be watching. Living can be singing. Living can be writing. Living can be creating. Living can be snuggling. Living can be learning. Living can be crying. Living can be hugging. Living can be dancing, and living can be appreciating. The one thing quality living cannot be, is dreaming of what your future could have been, because the future is living.

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