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A Letter to My Extrodinary Self

Dear Self,

Each sunrise is a new opportunity for you. It is a fresh start to try life over again, because each day is not always the best. Embrace the bad days along with the good—for every misfortune is what molds your personal story. Your struggles set you apart from others and make you your own kind of special. Through the chaos and turmoil, your fighter-spirit will persevere, so stop doubting your abilities. Ten out of ten times you will draw your sword and charge into life’s crazy battles, ready to be the victor. As badly as you want to wave your white flag, keep it folded up and out of reach. it will never be raised in defeat; no battle lasts forever and you will make it through. Stay strong warrior. You are tough and undefeatable, so keep trudging onward. You have a great strength inside you that creates a fierce force. Consciously channel your inner power and let it impel you through all

the trials you face. Never stop fighting the good fight, for beautiful things will always come your way. Do not allow life’s hardships to turn you bitter and hateful, instead keep an open heart to be able to recognize the wonderful gifts you have been given. By choosing awareness over numbness you will continue to be enlightened even during difficult times.

When the what-ifs consume your mind, breathe life into the unknown and fuel your fears with the fire that is living deep down in your belly. Try your best to keep the negative thoughts at bay...for they only equal negative outcomes. Do whatever it takes to quiet all the noise because you are always stronger, braver, and bolder than what your mind is telling you. Your mental outlook is what paves the path for how each day will turn out, so strive to make it a positive one. You have the power to create the life you want to live so immerse yourself in all things that bring you joy, and throw out the dead weight that is only dragging you down. There are not enough days in your lifetime to not be living out your best life.

Believe it or not...this world needs you more than you may know. You have a unique gift to offer so proudly share it with the whole world and do not be ashamed of who you are. We were made different from each other for a reason, so embrace your extraordinary self.

Lastly, tell yourself ‘I love you’ more. When you have self-compassion, it is easier to get through the downhill slides. By caring tenderly to the one and only vessel you are given, you will build your self-confidence and create a greater feeling of being satisfied. Self is not a pretty look, so exchange that habit for one filled with love. When you love yourself, you are able to see life with a brighter perspective. So give your soul the love it deeply desires, because you are the only person in the world who can give yourself exactly what you need.


Your Gentle Self

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