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Tips for Living With a Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness Fighters go through a lot, and sometimes it’s not easy. Here are some life tips to help those living as a chronic fighter. Stay strong lovelies!

  1. Understand your limitations—Illnesses can lead to limitations, but you’ll find that sometimes they can have a positive outcome (like giving your body a rest).

  2. Spread Positivity—By doing this, you’ll help yourself stay happy as well!

  3. Share your story—Sharing my journey has helped me appreciate and understand that we’re not alone, there are many people who share a similar journey! Remember, you can share as little or as much as you like!

  4. Never blame yourself—Illnesses are not a punishment…they help us grow into stronger, better people!

  5. Take everything one step at a time—Accepting and moving on allows you to not worry so much and live your best life!

  6. Adapt to your circumstances—After accepting your illness, finding ways to adapt will result in a much easier existence!

  7. Have good hospital care—If this is not already the case, research better health care near you. This will improve your wellbeing!

  8. Keep your health documents safe—Keep everything in one place and save medical records that may be on your phone. You can do this by emailing your notes to yourself incase your phone breaks or has a mental breakdown (Ha!).

  9. Always find ways to be a better Person—It’s always beneficial to improve; this will not only benefit others around you, but yourself too!

  10. Have fun—Capture moments with pictures or videos, visit new places, do fun activities and, most importantly, know that you deserve it all! Illnesses shouldn’t limit your ability to lead a beautiful life!

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