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Choosing Happiness

Everyday we can choose happiness, everyday we can choose to smile.

Sometimes life is hard but, you and I, we can do hard things.

I am Maria and I am a cancer warrior.

Sometimes things are not easy, but it does not mean they are impossible. Each one of us has inner strengh. I have learned so much through these process. I´ve learned how to be patient with others and with myself. I've learned what true friendship means; what true, sincerily love means. And the most important thing, I have learned to love and accept myself for who I am, for what I look like-- and for that I'm going to be thankfull all my life. From the moment we wake up we have two choices: to be happy or to be sad. I chose to be happy. I chose joy over sadness even if I'm going through some rough things, and even if I am in pain. Life is amazing and beautiful. Every single day is a day I am thankful to be alive. It is possible to chose joy in hard times. If you are sad over something that is going on in your life, stop thinking too much about it. Instead, enjoy the warmth of the sun on your body, a tender hug from someone you love, enjoy a book, go for a walk and look around the incredible nature the beauty of the world in front of your eyes. Do not survive in this world, live in it. Be passionate about your life. What has the disease taught me? It has taught me to appreciate the small details, the beauty of each day and to appreciate the love of my family and friends, and trust that with a smile on your face, with the sound of laughter everything is better.

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