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Diet. A word that gets thrown around all the time. I’m sure everyone in their life has said or heard someone proclaim that they are going on a diet or talk avidly about the latest fad which is guaranteed to make you lose all your body fat in three weeks. Maybe diets get talked about so often because they seem so easy: eat a certain way for three weeks and you’ll be a healthier person. Right? Wrong. Dieting is not healthy because it is not sustainable. Trust me, as someone who has tried maybe every diet in the book- cutting out carbs, cutting out sugar, high fiber, counting calories, only eating green foods, you name it, I’ve done it- diets do not help your body, it hurts it. By dieting you are telling your body that you do not care for it enough to take care of it the proper way. You are not giving it the proper nutrients it needs. Believe it or not, food groups exist for a reason. Everyone needs carbs, everyone needs fat, everyone needs sugar.

I’m really not trying to sound like one of those annoying fitness people on facebook who capitalize certain words in their post like FITNESS and STRENGTH. ED’s are based around this idea of control; Of depriving yourself of what you need or gorging on more than you need and then getting rid of it some other way. Diets are the same. You are literally depriving your body of certain things that it needs or wants.

I’m not trying to underscore the merit of healthy eating. I understand that there is a difference between dieting and eating whatever you want however I have grown to be a strong advocate against dieting, especially those that are short term and unsustainable because guess what? You only get one body and you have to treat it right. It is exhausting limiting what you eat so why should you do it? You deserve to eat healthy. You are worth it to give your body all the nutrients it needs. You are worth it.

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