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Creative Combat

When living with a chronic illness depression on some level feels inevitable. The constant treatments, hospital stays, and missed or canceled outings with family and friends are all things that weigh on us, and sometimes get the better of us.

Luckily, the cystic fibrosis (CF) community is filled with amazing warriors who are always ready to support each other. We all have our own methods of dealing with our daily struggles. Some of things people I know do include singing, dancing, drawing, building furniture, blogging or vlogging, and many other things.

For me, none of those worked for very long and I always had to find something new. I had to do what I’ve come to call Creative Combat. I teamed up with some other people and we literally created a whole world with a hero who literally fights CF. I’m now happier and more positive than I’ve been in a very long time.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that sometimes simply feeling better, can actually make you be better to a degree. Since I started the project and got my mind in a good place my lung function has improved, I sleep better, my blood sugars levelled out, and I seem to have more energy. I did some research and this seems to be a common trend.

Now, obviously, being positive isn’t a cure, but it has helped me more than any of the amazing treatments I’ve ever been on (though they help a lot too). The project has helped me so much that my team has to decided to share it with everyone. We have even teamed up with Colton Underwood and the Legacy Foundation to make it happen.

In August, we will be coming out with issue #1 of Pathway, our CF Superhero comic. He is a hero who has CF and fights villains who represent struggles we deal with daily and protects other patients. The idea behind this is to not only inspire other patients and their families to keep fighting, but also to help educate people on things we deal with that aren’t always easy to explain and hopefully get them to see us as the Warriors we know we are.

The comic will be given out for free to anyone person, clinic, hospital, or charity that wants them, though we do encourage a small donation to the Legacy Foundation so they can keep help patients and their families. Everyone on my team either has CF or has a family or friend with it and is doing this as volunteers. Future issues will be made by reaching out to the CF community and seeing what topics they’d like to see Pathway deal with.

We chose the catchphrase “You are the heroes who inspire me to fight!” for a reason. We want the community to be a part of this since it’s all for them. We even made the real life costume so that Pathway can do live appearances (he will be at Tampa Comicon on August 3rd and was at the Great Strides Tampa walk this year).

We hope all of this can help others the way it helped me and we would love to hear your Creative Combat stories and things you’d like to see in pathway!

You can find us on Facebook @

Pathway/@CF Superhero and on Instagram @pathwaycfsuperhero.

Please help us spread the word since honestly I’m very bad at social media lol!

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