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A Thank you to nurses during nurses week (and every week!)

No matter how “experienced” you are as a patient, being admitted to the hospital is always rough. The endless monitors beeping, needle sticks, sleepless nights, procedures, surgery, recovery…it can all be incredibly overwhelming. One common thread between every hospital stay is, the nurses. Over the years, I have connected with a handful of incredible nurses. They truly are the ones that help you the most while at the hospital! They do EVERYTHING. From advocating for you, getting you heating packs, blankets, ice, snacks, movies, calming you with a few kind words, and handling all of your meds/infusions. 

Being chronically ill means you’ve probably spent a lot of time in the hospital. Instead of connecting with friends at school, we end up connecting with the sweet nurses who give us IV’s, access our ports, and flush our lines. It is a different type of friendship, One I deeply cherish! My nurses were some of the people I missed the most when I moved away to college! Nurses are there at your lowest moments. They are the ones trying to help ease the pain and stress of your current health situation. Even when my nurses couldn’t necessarily make me feel better, they would make sure I was laughing, and in good spirits. That’s truly what matters the most! 

My nurses have inspired me to fight my illness, and to be brave enough to share my story with the world. Nurses Week is a time to celebrate, encourage, support, and cheer for our most favorite people. Many nurses are facing this pandemic head on, showing the world that they are superheroes! To all of the Nurses out there— Thank you for your compassion, encouragement, support, and love. Your work doesn’t go unnoticed! Happy Nurses Week!  Thank You to Sav for sharing! For more from Sav, follow on IG: @savvy_sc

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