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An Infusion Survival Guide From One Of Our Warriors

Infusion Survival Guide:

As someone who is chronically ill, you may have a medication that is given to you through Intravenous therapy (IV). As intimidating as this sound, it can be a great way to administer you medication in a controlled and safe environment. However, depending on your treatment plan, these IV treatments can be lengthy so here are some basic tips to help you though your infusion!


Start chugging that H2O! Most chemotherapy (or any medication giving though an IV) is very drying and over all hard on your body. Drinking water not only will help the nurse find a nice juicy vein to start the infusion, but the water will also help move that medication throughout your body. Staying nice and hydrated will also help flush your system leading to a quicker recovery. Pro Tip: Avoid Caffeine and any other drinks that are diuretics.

Wear Comfortable Clothes!

I’m talking about your softest sweat pants. Those fuzzy socks with the rainbow cats on them, and a softest tee shirt you own. Keep in mind where your IV will be started, choose a shirt that the nurses can easily access your arms or your Port if you have one established. Make sure your clothing won’t pull or block any of the tubing for maximum comfort.

Prepare for some Nausea and Naps!

To help your body cope to the medications given, it’s common to receive a dose of Benadryl (or a drug like it) to help any reactions your many have to the treatment. Don’t worry, if you have a bad reaction (which is rare BTW) you are in the absolute best place to get care immediately! Some of the most common symptoms are a nausea and drowsiness, so the best way to combat both (at least for me) is a good old-fashioned Nap!


I know not everyone has a portable gaming system, or is into gaming in general…. YO, bring that Switch, DS, Gameboy, or Smartphone! You got time on your hands, so you might as well beat a few levels in your favorite game. * I am so excited for Animal Crossing New Horizon *

More of a reader? BRING THAT FAT BOOK and your favorite pair of headphones and drown out the world. Honestly, if you have an activity you love that you can do while sitting for a hot minute, bring it!

The Buddy System <3

This one is very important. After your treatment, you are going to be exhausted. In fact, you are not even going to be allowed to drive yourself home. So, if you have a friend, family member, or partner in your life that would not mind hanging out, or just picking you up after you are done, bring them along! Treatments are often intimidating and having a buddy to give you some extra support can seriously make a difference.

I hope these tips make you feel more prepared for your future treatments. Please remember you are not alone in this fight! Fight Like A Warrior (F.L.A.W.) is an amazing place to connect with others struggling with the same types of issues! You may even learn about a rare illnesses and be inspired by others and their fights! Keep connected, I promise you the support system helps.

Take care my friends!

-Mollee Huffman-


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