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Hair Loss and Chronic Illness

When I was young, I had a thick beautiful head of hair. I still have beautiful curly hair, but in recent years the amount I have has decreased significantly.

Before Hairloss

We all experience hair loss to some degree--often from brushing or washing our hair.

But over the past several years, I have become concerned at the rate at which my hair is falling out.

There are many causes for hair loss with chronic illness. It could be because of your illness itself or the medication you take. I haven’t gotten to the point of having bald spots, but I am on my way there quickly. I am confronted with how much my hair is thinning every time I wash it. The amount that clumps around the drain is alarming, and makes me wonder how I am not bald yet.

This hair loss ties into already prevalent body image issues. The benefits of my medication outweigh any hair loss that may be caused from it. It’s one thing to say that your value isn’t based on appearance. But it’s a whole other thing to immediately be able to accept changes in your body that you aren’t accustomed to.

After Hairloss

I know I have had other changes in my body from medications--specifically most recently trikafta. For my hair loss I’ve tried a few different shampoos to slow the rate at which my hair falls out. This has had varied results.

Has anyone else experienced hair loss because of chronic illness? How have dealt with it? Have you tried anything that has helped?

Let us know if you can relate to Megan and if you have any advice. You can reach out directly and follow Megan: @sweetstarfire

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