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Happy Father's Day from Fight Like A Warrior

It’s Father's Day! And here, at Fight Like A Warrior, just as we celebrated the moms and strong women in our lives, we know just how important this day can also be for so many in our community. We would like to honor our dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, friends and those strong people in our lives who have stood up in this role for us. And, of course, honor those of you that are doing it yourselves, too!

We know having a child with a chronic, or rare, or any illness is not easy. Being a dad with a chronic, rare, or any illness is not easy. And it takes a lot of strength, love and determination to get through. And it doesn’t go unnoticed. No matter what your role is or who may fill that role for you, we want to celebrate and acknowledge this day.

Here are a few words from our Fight Like A Warrior community used to describe our dads/person in the dad role:


Supportive x3




My dad is a source of positivity, always ready to listen and make me smile in the moments where chronic illness throws me for a loop! -Alexa C.

My dad listens to me and helps me translate my feelings to doctors or family members who may be blinded by the situation. My dad gives me space to be as independent as possible, but when I can't, he is often the connection between the real and the speculated. -Sara C.

My dad is supportive. He is always there to cheer me on, ask how I’m doing, or to remind me that I can do hard things. He is always trying to support me in anyway that he can, often with a bowl of ice cream in hand. -Cienna D.

My grandpa lost his leg in a car accident over 40 years ago and has dealt with chronic illnesses and pain ever since. When I became chronically ill, he actually said maybe that’s why his accident happened in this first place. He believed it was so he could help me through MY pain. My grandpa has picked up every middle of the night phone call, answered every weird question about medication (he was also a doctor), and given me a big hug every time Ive seen him. I love him more than words can describe. He is my angel on Earth. -Jaelin P.

My dad may struggle with always understanding the curve balls that my health throws at me, however he has always been a motivating figure who shows me that I can thrive and is my biggest cheerleader no matter what. -Shannan O.L.

My dad has supported me through my medical journey by always being there for me when I have a rough day! He is always so supportive. -Leah M.

Throughout my 20 years of life my dad has been supportive & the key to attending all my appointments. -Ariana

Thank You to our community and team for sharing! Follow along with us all Father's Day and share how your word and sentence about your Dad! @FightLikeAWarrior

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