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Happy Mother's Day from Fight Like A Warrior

It’s Mother’s Day! And here, at Fight Like A Warrior, we know just how important this day can be for so many. Our community would like to honor our moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends and those strong people in our lives who have stood up in this role for us. And honor those of you that are doing it yourselves, too!

Having a kid with a chronic, or rare, or any illness is not easy. Being a mom with a chronic, rare, or any illness is not easy. And it takes a lot of strength, love and determination to get through. And it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Here are a few words from our Fight Like A Warrior community used to describe our moms:







Those are just a few words, and the following are just a few sentences we use to describe our moms…What word, or sentence do you have to describe the mom, moms, and mother figures in your life?

Through the rollercoaster of chronic illness, my mom is a source of unconditional love that I can always turn to! -Alexa C.

My mom is the strongest person I know and has always shown immense strength throughout my life as she raised two kids with rare, chronic illnesses, and taught us how to be strong as well. -Shannan O.L.

My mom is my greatest advocate, she finished law school while dealing with severe chronic illness and spending months in hospital, she’s taught me that by keeping my head up I can accomplish anything I can dream of (even as a sick kid). -Anikka C.

My mam is my hero and she’s by my side no matter what and keeps me strong when all I want is to give up. -Mary G.

My mom has always been unstoppable and taught my siblings and I how to be go after what we want in life too. She is and always has been an unstoppable advocate for me during my medical journey, whether that required making one more phone call, asking one more question, or filing one more form. I’m truly lucky to have her! -Jaelin P.

My mom has always been determined to always be there for me, determined to get me the care I need, determined to find fun restaurants to stop at that will brighten up treatment days, determined to find fun on doctor’s appointment days, and now she is also determined to advocate and help raise awareness for the chronic conditions community and caregivers. -Cienna D.

Thank You to our community and team for sharing! Follow along with us all Mother’s Day and share how your word and sentence about your Mom! @FightLikeAWarrior


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