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I Hope You Are Well Today

I hope you are well today.

This is such a simple statement that brings such comfort when fighting a chronic illness.

Like a lot of other warriors, I have received the dreadful statement of “feel better soon” from many people in my personal life. While I appreciate them thinking of me, this simple phrase can make a situation worse.

Some of us warriors may feel alone after hearing this because they feel like the individual does not truly understand what they are going through. Afterall, a chronic illness is a long/lifelong journey.

Here is my short story about these words:

When I was first diagnosed with Dysautonomia, I felt lost. Although I had a lot of support to keep fighting, I felt like nobody truly understood what I was going through. That all changed when I became close to my school nurse at the time. She gave me so much comfort in knowing I could get through this, and even though she did not have Dysautonomia, she said all the right things to me. Every morning I was greeted with a warm "I hope you are well today". Those simple words made such an impact on my life at the time and they continue to do so.

So you, the reader, I hope you are well today. Always remember that you are not alone in this fight. I hope you are able to find comfort in those words as much as I do.

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