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We are so excited to begin our newest series of our channel featuring videos from a variety of warriors, even YOU!


What should your video be focused on?

Try to think of this series as almost spoken blog posts! You can check out our suggestions for blog post topics                    for inspiration! Examples include: "5 tips to deal with chronic pain", "How CF changed my outlook on life", or "My self care day".


Who can submit videos?

If you are unsure of your topic or if you qualify to submit a video, please do not hesitate to email us by clicking the button below! Our definition of a "warrior" is broad and includes those battling chronic illness, mental health conditions, eating disorders, or any other medical condition! 

We want to keep these videos interesting and offer positivity and a new perspective to our viewers! Your topics can be serious or light-hearted, but you should try and stray away from telling your entire medical story or leaving the viewer feeling less connected to you and simply more lost in the world of chronic illness. In addition, we ask that you 1) do not attempt to provide the viewer with specific medical advice and 2) do not create content directed toward a specific religious audience so that your video is applicable to our entire community!

Please try and keep your video to fairly high quality for the best chance for it to be reposted! If you are filming on a smartphone, keep in mind the video needs to be shot horizontally for it to fill the screen on YouTube! 

Be creative, get outside your comfort zone, and have fun! You have an amazing opportunity to make your mark on our community and share your thoughts! 

Ready to submit? Simply use the button below to email us you video as an attachment! 

Check out our channel by clicking here!

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