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Fight Like A Warrior's 2020 Year In Review

Thank you to all of the Fight Like A Warrior Community for making 2020 incredible! What a year it was! Despite what the world threw at us all, in addition to the personal and health battles we faced, we pushed on to unite, empower, and advocate for our community.

We are incredibly grateful and proud of our team and community for their hard work this past year and would like to share some highlights with you all. We have so much to be proud of!

In the beginning of 2020, we launched the Fight Like A Warrior podcast and produced 6 episodes all featuring incredible guests. This was a team effort for us including our talented producer and host, as well as the artists and guests that truly made this vision a reality.

Fight Like A Warrior was a finalist for the Best in Show: Team Performance WEGO Health Award! Thank you to everyone who endorsed us and helped get the word out. We are so thankful for your ongoing support of our volunteer, patient-led team and of our mission.

We partnered with Imagine We Publishers to share children’s books designed to educate and spread awareness around chronic illnesses. Members of our leadership team read those stories aloud and/or used ASL to sign the stories to create accessible clips for our community. These clips are available on our social media platforms.

We partnered with the creators of #WeAreTheVulnerable to launch the #ProtectTheVulnerable Movement drawing in hundreds from around the world who took the pledge to self-isolate and stop the spread of COVID-19. We stood up for the value of the “vulnerable” population and the importance of everyone coming together to protect our community! Our efforts were featured internationally in an article in Grazia Magazine!

We built on the #ProtectTheVulnerable Movement and launched the #WeAreAllVulnerable Campaign, an educational and advocacy initiative to encourage the wearing of face masks to stop the spread of COVID-19.We launched the campaign alongside our founding partner - Patients Rising, in addition to 12 amazing non-profit partners. We brought in even more pledges from nearly all 50 states and from many countries around the world.

Fight Like A Warrior celebrated our 3rd birthday and our first year as an established 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We also expanded our community to include even more perspectives, backgrounds, and stories. From warriors around the world to caregivers, physicians, and more - our community grew!

Our Cards For Warriors program celebrated its 4th birthday! Our cards program has mailed nearly 1,000 cards around the world. Our founding program continues to be foundational to our work and make a large impact on our community. We are so grateful to all of those who have donated cards and our volunteer card writers for their efforts.Thanks to you, no one has to fight alone and our community has a little more hope in their hearts!

We featured 12 Warriors of the Month! Thank you to all of those warriors for sharing their stories and to those of you who nominated them.

We continued to share new blog posts multiple times a month. We were able to highlight and share the stories of so many of our community members as well as bring inspiration, awareness, information and new stories to them.

We also shared in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and continued to spread awareness of many conditions and feature awesome community voices thanks to our advocacy team. We put out 12 newsletters in addition to multiple email campaigns to keep our community up to date. In addition, with the help of our team and community, we raised funds that will significantly help the future of our organization.

While all of this was happening in 2020 for Fight Like A Warrior, countless stories, information and inspiration was shared throughout our community from patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and advocates.

We couldn’t do it without our entirely volunteer team who make this organization and community so special. We are excited for the next year and what the future holds for Fight Like A Warrior! (Be on the lookout for our NEW logo!)

Thank you for making Fight Like A Warrior such an amazing community!


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